I'm glad to be joining the Assembly. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this space.

I and the GNU Radio project support the GNU Social contract and the collaborative and accountable goals of the GNU Assembly. Can I please be added as an individual supporter?

Derek Kozel <www.derekkozel.com> (GNU Radio) <https://www.gnuradio.org>

I'm joining as representative of the GNU Radio project. We restructured ourselves last year into an unincorporated association with a General Assembly of members nominated out of the community, a Board elected by the General Assembly, and a President elected by the Board. The initial structure is heavily inspired by the KDE e.V. organization. We also found the FOSS Governance Collection a useful resource. I am the current president. Elections will be held every two years. We have had several fiscal sponsors including our own Foundation, the FSF, and now the SETI Institute. We use the Condorcet Internet Voting Service (MIT licenced).

Our Articles of Association, By-Laws, and formal voting record can be found here:

I've been a volunteer with the GNU Radio project since 2015 and a lead since 2018. We have code maintainers for the main and maintenance branches and leads for specific efforts. We are in the process of forming a standing Code of Conduct committee to replace our ad-hoc current system. We currently use the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, but are working to expand and improve it using Otter Technology's references and training.

When the Assembly supports member projects GNU Radio would like to formally join. We've already decided unanimously as a board and have the support of our General Assembly.